Purchasing Oils

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For my family, I found that the purity and quality standards for dōTERRA oils are exceptional. There are more details on my research below, but there are a ton of resources out there that accessible to anyone that is wanting to find their own answers.

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Q: I hear that the FDA does not approve of using essential oils. Is this true?
A: Similar to nutritional supplements, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the essential oil industry. This means that products do not need to gain FDA approval before they go to market and are sold to consumers. It's up to consumers to do their homework and find a solution that they are comfortable using with their family. 

Q: Every essential oil bottle I see says that it's 100% pure. What makes dōTERRA special?
A: dōTERRA essential oils go through rigorous third party testing to verify that they are free of impurities such as pesticides, herbicides, extenders and solvents. 

Q: Why aren't dōTERRA's oils labeled organic if their pure? 
A: Organic certification varies from country to country and state to state. dōTERRA oils are sourced all over the world, so organic certification is not possible.

Made in the U.S.A
Q: Why aren't dōTERRA oils produced in the United States?
A: Would you rather buy an orange grown in Florida or Montana? Essential oils are made from plants, so it's important that those plants are grown in the best possible natural climate. Specifically, the soil in which the plants are grown is crucial - the right organisms, nutrients, moisture, etc. 

Source of Truth
Q: How do I know if dōTERRA oils are really pure?
A: Great question! Each bottle of dōTERRA essential oil has a unique Quality ID on the bottle that allows you to look up and review the test results from the third party lab that tested that exact bottle of oil. 

Find your Quality ID and Click Here to review the details around your essential oil.


Quality, Not Quantity
Q: Why are dōTERRA oils so expensive?
A: Quality should not be compromised for quantity. I would rather have a limited quantity of amazing oils than a large quantity of low-quality oils. Essential oils that are suggested to be taken internally have Supplement Facts on the bottle. I've seen many oils in retail stores that say "100% Pure - For Aromatic Use Only". Really?? dōTERRA oils go through extensive 3rd party testing and are sourced from around the world. That costs money.

Pyramid Scheme
Q: Isn't dōTERRA just another pyramid scheme?
A: Pyramid schemes are illegal, so no, dōTERRA is not a pyramid scheme. dōTERRA's business model is a multi-level marketing company that sells an actual product. Does the structure look like a pyramid? Yes. So does a corporate business structure... there are business leaders with teams of people underneath them.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic... and Oils!
Q: How am I supposed to know what to do with my essential oils?
A: Because there is so much on-going research around the benefits of essential oil usage, it's important have on-going education and support. One of the things I love most about dōTERRA is the education and support provided by the company, leadership, and teams.