Must-Have Resources


Strengths Assessment

Taking the GallupStrengths Assessment was a game changer for Tiffany and her businesses. Once you are able to identify your strengths and what you do best and most easily, you can apply those strengths to the development of your business. And what’s even better?! doTERRA has developed resources specific to building the business based on each of these strengths including a Strengths Guide for Builders and Videos on each strength. Check out the Empowered You page for more information!


Essential Life for Essential Questions

As a business builder, you’re going to be asked ALL THE QUESTIONS! Having valuable, reliable, research-based resources is crucial. Tiffany has found that Essential Life is a great resource because of the practical information in their books and their mobile app. It’s easy to consume and easy to share! Check out your options below - the Essential Life Basics spiral book ($15) is easy to throw in your purse or book bag and have on-hand! Unlike resource books you get on Amazon, these are specific to doTERRA essential oils.



When you are ready to start expanding your resource library or gathering materials for classes, AromaTools is Tiffany’s go-to destination. Create an account, sign up for their newsletters, and be on the look-out for ideas that you can implement into your business - without spending a dime!