Twelve Pillars - I deserve this!
90-day Healthy Habits Program

Weekly Focus Topics


Seasons, Chapters & Funks

Sometimes, life sucks. We’ve all heard the phrases: It’s just a tough season… This is just one chapter in your story… I’ve just been in this funk…

Do these apply to you? Let’s dive into these seasons, chapters, and funks. We’ll discuss their truths, lies, and misconceptions.



True growth and success in the #IDT90 program will require vulnerability. Being vulnerable with friends and family is hard. That’s why many of us end up in therapy - confiding in complete strangers.

Why do we do this? Are you ready for a vulnerability challenge that will change your life forever?



Dream. Set a goal. Make a plan. Take steps on the plan. Keep taking steps no matter how long the journey

It’s when that journey takes longer than what we expected or planned on that we give up on those dreams. But with accountability and drive, we can stick to it.

Since we have all signed up for this 90-day healthy habits program together, it’s time to be accountable! We’ll be breaking up into groups of four and starting our daily check-ins.



Here we are at week four - you’ve gotten real with yourself, you’ve started interacting with your accountability group, and now it’s time to expand your circle. After all, humans are wired for connection. Let’s dive into #IDT90 community this week.



When we learn, we grow. Growth helps us take steps towards our goals and dreams. There are a ton of free resources that we can use to educate ourselves. Let’s see what we can do to propel ourselves towards our dreams.



The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. No diets, no cleanses - just good, solid, sustainable nutrition. What does this look like for you?



Did you know that there’s a difference between exercise and movement? Our focus in this 90-day program is developing healthy habits and creating an overall wellness lifestyle. This means incorporating movement.



Go. Go. Go. And then go some more.

Work, parenting, hustling - it all takes time and energy. Time that eats into our ability to rest. What if we really dove into this? What if we were more present in in our work time and established boundaries for our rest time? What would happen? Let’s find out!


Stress Management

There are all kinds of stress. Some good, some not-so-good. Let’s face it - the majority of the stress we encounter is not good for us. Taking steps to manage stress will help our overall well-being, not just our emotional state.


Reducing Toxic Load

Toxic environments, toxic chemicals, toxic people. There are toxins all around us! It’s time to get real with what we are surrounding ourselves with and how it affects our lifestyle. What healthy habits can we implement that will help us eliminate these toxins?



You’ve heard this buzz word, there’s no doubt. How self-care looks for you may be different than what it looks like for your friends and family. Let’s take what we’ve learned in the first 10 weeks and craft a plan for self-care that works specifically for each one of us.


Habits & Goals

We’re closing out the 90-day healthy habits program. It’s time to make a plan to carry on the work that we’ve been doing. How do our habits impact the goals that we have established?