Frequently Asked Questions
#IDT90 Program


What does #IDT90 stand for?

IDT90 is a shortened version of, “I deserve this! 90-Day Program.” Where does this come from? Well, I deserve to take steps to better my position in life and so do you! When individuals make the decision to commit to this 90-day program, they are saying, “I deserve this!”


How much does the #IDT90 Program cost?

The program is FREE! There are no financial requirements to participate in the program. The goal of this program is to help as many people as possible realize that they are worth taking steps towards their dreams.

As part of the healthy habits we discuss each week, we will include information about about using each product in doTERRA’s Healthy Habits Kit.* doTERRA is so confident you’ll see amazing results that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their Lifelong Vitality Supplements that are a part of the kit.

*The year I was diagnosed with my acute DVT (blood clot), we spent over $15k out of pocket for medical-related expenses (and we have insurance). Since then, I have been proactively using the products in the Healthy Habits Kit regularly. I haven’t been to the doctor other than routine check-ups and blood work since starting these products. The investment has been completely worth it.


I am needing this change. I am 100% on board. That being said, the Healthy habits Kit won’t last me forever. Then what?

First and foremost, you’re not going to regret this. I promise. Here are a couple options for next steps:

Contact Tiffany for a wellness consult and we’ll map out a specific plan.

Review a suggested 90-day plan and how to set it up within your new doTERRA account.


I want to buy the Healthy Habits Kit, but I don’t want to provide my Social Security Number. What do I do?

Visit the shopping page below and select an option for "Wholesale Customer” or “Retail”.