90-Day Healthy Habits Program Details

There are five major components to the #IDT90 program. Check out details on these five components below.

Deep Dive Topics

The #IDT90 program community will be diving into a different topic each week. Each of these topics are PILLARS in the FOUNDATION of living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. It may sound a bit stale, but check out the pillars by clicking the button below - the #IDT90 program is anything but stale!

Weekly Challenges

Feeling “stuck” in life of frustrated with where you are in relation to where you had planned you would be by this point in your life? Whatever your reason for taking a look at the #IDT90 program, our weekly challenges will help get you moving, ACCOMPLISHING FEATS, and feeling FULFILLED.

Healthy Habit Development

The #IDT90 program not only teaches you about living a healthy lifestyle, but we take steps to ensure that you are beginning to develop HEALTHY HABITS. That way, after the 90 days are over, you are able to continue on your own. No purchases are necessary (see FAQ), but if you’re interested in learning more about the Healthy Habits Kit, select the button below.

Book Club

Feeding your mind and soul with POWERFUL, POSITIVE, and INSIGHTFUL words is crucial for moving from point A to point B in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We will be working through one book together - a life-changing book for nearly everyone who reads it.


Each and every one of us is wired for connection. This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert and surround yourself with a ton of people. It does mean that you will be more successful with support and interaction when you are working toward a goal. Through the #IDT90 progam, we will BUILD community.