Creating Financial Freedom with doTERRA

Do you Love using doterra oils and products?

Successful doTERRA Wellness Advocates that work with Tiffany are those that LOVE using doTERRA essential oils and products because of the natural lifestyle they aim to lead. They BELIEVE in the products.

They have had an OPEN MIND to the possibilities of using doTERRA to improve their life.

They dedicate time to on-going education, learning different ways to support their WELL-BEING and the OVERALL WELLNESS of their friends and family through the aromatic, topical, and internal usage of doTERRA essential oils and products.

They wouldn’t trade the SUCCESS they have had with integrating doTERRA essential oils into their daily life for anything!

Do you have a heart of caring for others?

doTERRA’s mission is to change each family and community ONE DROP AT A TIME. In fact, the reason that doTERRA founders decided to set up the company in a direct selling fashion is because of the one-on-one interaction that each direct seller would have with their customers. Additionally, the EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE that they could share directly with customers about the products out-weighed other business models.

Successful Wellness Advocates also have a true appreciation for doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation that partners with humanitarian organizations worldwide to address feminine hygiene and anti-human trafficking. The Foundation also supports community development projects with their Co-Impact Sourcing Initiatives that improve overall community health and well-being.

What would you do to feel fulfilled in life?

If the only thing that came to mind was “money,” working with Tiffany may not be the best choice.

If truly IMPACTING others, creating FINANCIAL FREEDOM for yourself and others, HELPING families save money, and supporting your family’s DREAMS would make you feel fulfilled, then you’re in the right place.

To become a doTERRA leader, you’ll need to work through the building stage.

  • Are you able to commit time to your goals?

  • Are you willing to go outside of your comfort zone?

  • Are you willing to be patient?

  • Are you prepared to fail forward?

Why should you work with Kelvin & tiffany?

If you choose to start your doTERRA business journey with Tiffany, you’ll also get her husband Kelvin - they’re a package deal! With their unique backgrounds, you’ll be set up for SUCCESS.

Tiffany’s bachelor and masters degrees are both in the field of education and development. She helps her builders prepare for CLASSES, find amazing RESOURCES, and provides COACHING if desired.

Kelvin has had a career and PASSION in the health and wellness field for nearly 15 years. He has been a personal trainer, nutritional coach, and wellness consultant to over 200 people. Kelvin is a MASTER in personal development and entrepreneurship. He’s able to help break down extremely complex health answers into consumable information for the everyday person.


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